All’s Well in Ashland, Oregon



by Rich Manning

For decades, the city of Ashland, Oregon was so strongly linked to the works of William Shakespeare that many people thought the play’s the only thing that happened in town.  At first blush, it is easy to see why this was the case, since the Oregon Shakespeare Festival has lured people from around the globe to see the works of the nearly mythical literary icon performed at a world-class level for over seventy years.  Yet as anyone who has recently visited Ashland can tell you, the association with The Bard merely scratches the surface of what is possible to enjoy within this modest community that lay between San Francisco and Portland.  Indeed, there is a host of sumptuous yet rejuvenating activities to explore here; visceral life experiences that simultaneously provide a means of luxury while maintaining a feeling of escape.


First-class base camp for Shakespeare Festival and more


Ashland Creek Inn offers easy access to world-class theater, wine tasting, wilderness recreation, winter sports, and more

Halfway between San Francisco and Portland is a ten-suite luxury inn hidden away in an idyllic Oregon mountain town that the Washington Post called a “dream you’ll never want to leave.”

A dream within a dream, luxury suites at the Ashland Creek Inn give guests a first class base camp to experience the world famous Oregon Shakespeare Festival at its doorstep and explore natural wonders such as Crater Lake in its bioregional backyard.

Since opening its doors a decade ago, Ashland’s only all-suite inn has become a perennial pied-à-terre for patrons of the town’s annual ‘ode to Shakespeare’, the nine-month festival that Time magazine ranked one of the top five regional theaters in the country.

But beyond Broadway-quality theater, access to world-class natural wonders coupled with a culture of near non-stop festivals celebrating everything from local food to international film has put the boutique inn and its tiny town on the map for a new generation of travelers for whom the play’s not the only thing.


Nestled along its namesake


It might not be in New York, but Ashland Creek Inn's allure beckons from the idyllic Oregon mountain eponymous town near Crater Lake. The ten-suite luxury inn is located halfway between San Francisco and Portland, but its real claim to fame lies in the fact that the Oregon Shakespeare Festival takes place steps away from the Inn.